29th April - 2nd May


At the end of April, WonderZoo are teaming up with Imperfect Cinema, Fotonow, POP+ and Soapbox Culture to create a four day Pilot Event for a future Storytelling Festival.

This pilot event is called ‘Lost Time’. It’s an opportunity for anyone to attend free workshops online, to have a go at spoken word, film making and photography in a fun, relaxed way.

On Thursday 29th April, from 7.30pm, WonderZoo will be hosting a hybrid online gig with live performers in the garden called ‘On the Road Map’.

On Friday 30th April, Fotonow will be running a photography workshop on Zoom at 11am, and then you can take some photos in the day and attend a second event at 7pm to share and discuss your work.

On Saturday 1st May, Imperfect Cinema will be running a film making workshop on Zoom from 11am-12pm, then you can work on making a short piece of film in the day, and attend a Zoom event at 7pm where you can share and discuss your work.

On Sunday 2nd May, WonderZoo will be running a writing workshop at 12pm and Soapbox Culture will be running an open mic night on Zoom at 7pm.

This four day event is one of two pilot events that WonderZoo are creating in 2021 with the aim of creating a larger Storytelling Festival in Plymouth in the future.

9th April 2021, 2pm

Gather round the proverbial campfire to say your piece about yourself, your identity and who you are, whether that’s words you’ve written as poetry or prose, anecdotes, feelings, current affairs, science, strange synchronicities or even alien sightings. We welcome everyone and encourage a warm atmosphere of fun, laughter, empathy and friendship. We want to provide a place where people know they will be listened to, and supported, as we all make our cosmic journeys round the big fireball in space.

This session will focus on what influences us to write and make art, so please feel free to read or show us something which inspires you!
Contact us to book your place. A Zoom link will be sent out one hour before the event.

21st April 2021, 7pm

Join our radical film/book club to watch Sally Potter's 1992 adaptation of Virigina Woolf's classic 'Orlando', starring Tilda Swinton, Quentin Crisp and with music by Jimmy Somerville. To get your free copy of the film and join the group discussion, contact us!

29th April 2021, 7.30pm

An exciting hybrid live/online event with a fabulous range of poets, writers and music.

All compered by the one and only Queen Chi.


Clare Peartree - talented professional writer, translator and bard from Cheshire

Keira J. Delerue - this talented writer and singer will be joining us from Cornwall

Gabi Marcellus-Temple - a writer, translator and artist based in Plymouth/Cornwall

Queen Chi - our beautiful compere will share some of her amazing writing and music with us

Matt Thomas - Plymouth-based poet with a wonderfully dry, laconic observational style

Brian Herdman - astounding poet known for his searing invective and affecting work

Slain McGough Davey - infamous spoken word artist with an immersive performance style

Our headliner will be the outstanding electronica/spoken word duo Oddstep Deployment Unit, from Plymouth.


A Zoom link will be sent out one hour before the event, or join us on Facebook Live!

Poster art created by Slain McGough Davey

2nd May, 12pm -2pm

Written storytelling workshop

Enabling people’s voices to be heard

12pm -2pm: with WonderZoo

An event for sharing and making work, discussion and going out to make new work

A one-day opportunity for you to write poetry, flash fiction, short stories, comedy - if you can put it into words then you have till the evening, when we will join Soapbox Culture for an online open mic and you can perform it live.

This midday workshop will feed into the evening event and the rest of the events happening around film and spoken word as part of the 'Lost Time' weekend.

Stronger North Stonehouse

Click here to find out more about this 8 week programme of bespoke performances and to see the videos!

Photo courtesy of Reuben McCormack-White. 

Adelaide Lane Mural

As part of the WonderZoo events which were part of Plymouth Art Weekender, artist and poet Chi Bennett has created a unique mural featuring her poetry at the back of a house overlooking Adelaide Park in Stonehouse. 


WonderQueue is a project where people queueing on Union Street can listen to recordings by WonderZoo poets, writers and singers by scanning QR codes on the pavements.