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Hidden Figures of Plymouth project begins with two new recruits.

WonderZoo are happy to announce that the new positions for the Hidden Figures of Plymouth project have been filled.

We welcome Rachel Hawadi as Project Leader, and Jackie Wacha as Project Assistant.

We feel very proud and fortunate to have such experienced and passionate people running this important project and we’re excited to see how it progresses, with WonderZoo in the background helping and supporting.

Rachel and Jackie are both published authors, with books written about their countries of birth, Zimbabwe and Uganda, respectively. Rachel’s book is called ‘The Weeping Mulberry Bush’ and Jackie’s book is called ‘Wild Rats’.

Rachel has over 20 years of experience in Project Management, with a track record that includes being part of the team that launched in the UK. After attending Plymouth High School for Girls, she went on to gain a Masters Degree in Advanced Analytical Chemistry. She is passionate about racial equality and has an incredibly intelligent, focused and creative mind, with a great deal of empathy and kindness.

Jackie has worked extensively with refugees, has given talks about black history in schools and talks about her own cultural and faith traditions. Jackie has a Masters in Law and International Human Rights and is also a wonderful poet and long term supporter of the Arts in Plymouth, performing at many spoken word and literature events including The Language Club, WonderZoo, Crème de la Crème, Cross Country Writers, and others.

This project is supported by Diversity Business Incubator, Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council, Nudge Community Builders, The Box, and is funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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