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 Storytelling - Community - Collaboration

  • We are a Community Interest Company.

  • We are a performance arts and literature platform, creating community events that are inclusive, diverse, collaborative, and environmentally and socially conscious.

  • We are a member of Plymouth Social Enterprise Network.

  • We are a member of Network of Networks run by Plymouth Octopus Project.

  • We sit on the subcommittee for the Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council.

  • We sit on the planning committee for the Respect Festival.

  • We are a Pride organisation and support the LGBT+ community.

  • We are conscious of disability access and only put on events that are wheelchair and disability accessible.

Our Outreach and Impact

May 2017 - November 2021, 56 months

56 Monthly Gigs 

456 Performance Slots

3631 In-person audience

7350 Online audience


19 Festivals

189 Performance Slots

20,020 In-person audience

2,230 Online audience


3 Plays

36 Performers

240 In-person audience


11 Other Performance Events

28 Performance Slots

500 In-person audience

2,110 Online audience

45 Workshops

70 in-person audience

660 online audience


Total Numbers

134 Events in 4.5 Years, averaging 30 events per year. 

709 Performance Slots, averaging 13 per month

24,461 In-person audience, averaging 436 per month

12,350 Online audience, averaging 220 per month


Diversity and Inclusion

People from many cultural backgrounds have attended our events, including Jamaican, Kurdish, Indian, Slovakian, Polish, Romanian, Saudi Arabian, Czech, Irish, Gypsy, Traveller, Nigerian, Rwandan, Mixed Heritage, Eritrean, American, English, Uzbekistan, Syrian, Portuguese, Ugandan, Canadian, French, Polish, Iranian, Punjabi, Spanish, and others.

We have links with Pride in Plymouth and many of our performers and audience members are LGBTQI+.

WonderZoo is an audacious and uncompromising Storytelling adventure infused with 1920s surrealism and Punk DIY Ethics. It attracts like-minded folk, gathering amiable people of a diverse range of talent, literary flair, creative nous and lunacy. 

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