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"Thanks my good friend Slain. I've just listened to half your CD. Love it. Anarchic, playful, with element of collage, wallpapering the ear with apparently randomly chosen fragments of modern England, the media, current news, preoccupations. Crazy, full of life and enjoyment and rebellion. Fun. Slightly disturbing." - James Turner, 77 year old poet and artist, 28th July 2023.

"It was a fully wonderful mind-blowing night. Very deep in places and absolutely crazy in others. well done to all involved." - Kai Kuiama, Janner Radio presenter - Dimensions in Vinyl. 26th July 2023 - Stripped Back Session #2.

Best time. So powerful, profound, and healing xx - Rachel Hawadi, Project Manager for Hidden Figures of Plymouth Project, 26th July 2023 - Stripped Back Session #2.

"Whenever I come to WonderZoo, I feel like I'm on holiday!" - Tim King, former Bard of Exeter, producer of Taking The Mic spoken word events. 26th July 2023. 

"There is so much I could say about WonderZoo. They are an awesome group of people who, for me help people either find, or express their voice. I attended one of their events in 2021. It was a poetry night. While there I watched a performance from a wheelchair user. Being a wheelchair user myself I was sympathetic to the feelings of the performance. So much so that I started my own business. Away from my personal experience I have seen WonderzZoo provide safe spaces for people who are like minded as well as just somewhere to socialise. I cannot stress how important I think the work of WonderZoo is critical. They have created a real, feel good community with their work. I am so happy that I can call those behind the scenes friends." - Curtis Maxwell, 28/06/2023

"WonderZoo has made me really open my eyes to all the wonderful, creative people that are living in Plymouth. On Thursday I went with my friend who hasn't left the house for over a year due to suffering with extreme anxiety. It was so good to hear her laughing next to me - it was as if a light had gone on inside her, and she was getting her 'joie de vivre' back again. Slain has also given a platform to my partner Lee to perform his poetry - something that he loves and has been searching for since moving to Plymouth. Above all, I feel in WonderZoo that I have found my tribe-people who are expressing themselves in a creative way and making the world a better place. Many thanks and much love to Slain and Chi for organising these events and bringing people together in what is a very disconnected world at the moment. " - Emma Sprawson

"My son Tommy (now 13) is massively into WonderZoo as they have helped him develop his poetry, but more than that, they have given him confidence to stand up in front of others and express himself, they have really helped him grow as a person." - Kevin Sproston

"We have supported and worked with WonderZoo for a number of years, and its organizers were instrumental in the success of other local community History/Heritage and Art based community projects across the city of Plymouth.  Most notably, the award winning 100 Homes oral history archive Project. The organizers have repeatedly proved themselves committed not only to establishing something new and vibrant in local culture, but also projects that are incredibly inclusive and community designed and led." - Imogen Potter, POP Capacity Building Manager

"If you feel like a caged animal Go to WonderZoo And set yourself FREE!" - Jacky Garratt

"Such a beautiful evening at The Vinyl Lounge #7 by Chi Bennett and Slain! I've spent quality time with Ash and Della in a warm and relaxed atmosphere! Thank you for the invitation, looking forward to seeing you soon!" - Cornelia Agapescu

Vinyl Lounge #7: "Thank you Chi & Slain For a very warm welcome. The Music, Company, Setting, Food, Games, Laughter & Plain Ol Community Love & Time Together. We really did enjoy ourselves!! Thank you!! - Sammy & Daisy

"This was the most fun Cluedo I've ever played Slain McGough Davey at Vinyl Lounge . Many thanks to you and Chi for hosting, so brilliant".  - Lucy Joanne

Winter Warmer gig - "Such a lovely lovely event!!!!!! Thanks so so much you lovely lot xxxx" - Ceri Baker

Winter Warmer gig - "Absolutely loved this event, it was so much fun, thanks so much to everyone" - Kai Shane Kuiama

"Had lots of fun playing Chinese Checkers with Leona from Poland, Mustafa from Iran and Sam from America it was a proper multi-national game at Vinyl Lounge" - Kai Shane Kuiama

"Hey Slain thanks for everything! You guys at WonderZoo are doing a beautiful thing! Thank you thank you thank you! All the love, hope to see you all again soon!x" - Ross Pollock

"Thank you to WonderZoo for curating this uplifting celebration! our closing event for SHAKE IT UP!" - Plymouth Social Enterprise Network

                      "I was having a really difficult day and I came to a WonderZoo gig with my mum, who was                                       performing. I had such a good time, I laughed so much and left with a big smile on my face. I                        really needed it and it made me feel so much better. After a tough meeting on my domestic                                abuse course, it had been a heavy night anyway. However, all I did was cry my eyes out with                              laughter from the moment I arrived and for the rest of the evening. I left feeling empowered                               and inspired and I can’t wait for the next one. Everyone should go!" - Julie 


                      Had an amazing day jumping into the unknown!

                      I was invited to speak at the Plymouth Foodbank and read some of my poetry to a                                        wonderful audience for the very first time in my life! In the bad days, writing poetry has                                always been my personal (and secret) outlet, and sharing it orally with others was a new                             and nerve-wracking experience. But the positive response I received was overwhelming!                             Thank you, Slain McGough Davey and WonderZoo for organising! Steven Adjei


                      A wonderful day. I was there last year exhibiting and popped into the Plymouth University                          vibrant tent. Bravo Slain for highlighting this event at Freedom Fields and playing such an                            important role. Thank you too for all your tireless community work throughout the year.                              Awesome stuff, you and your wife Chi have the true Plymouth Community spirit! We could                          learn a lot from you dear buddy. Griffith Rozanne 


                      Fully enjoyed the Warfarin on Friday and Brunch Talk on Saturday WonderFul Events Kai                              Shane Kuiama

                     Thanks slain and chi and all at WonderZoo for the opportunity to perform .a crazy fun                                 evening and great next piece is underway.x Michael Page

                      Thank you Poppy-Jayne Jones and WonderZoo for putting on this event! Was honoured to                            be among such amazing artists! Jackie Wacha

                      Thank you so much for coming out supporting local talent, so grateful that I got to perform                        alongside some truly amazing artists! Good to know that I'm scary too  - Noodlez

                      I really enjoyed the night! Bonkers, challenging and moving. Ideal for me! Rick O'Shay New

                      Loved this amazing event. Very interesting and the food was delicious, thanks Kai Shane                              Kuiama


                      Thanks Slain, you've given me a reason to venture out. Nic Scott-Coyle


                       Thank you Jackie Wacha and the Hidden Figures Project team. Totally humbled and i hope                           it  does encourage many others doing similar work and even more to continue giving back                           to the communiry. David Feindouno

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