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Friends of the Apocalypse 2021 0nwards 


Is a WonderZoo collaboration that collects artists together to make theatre and spoken word and music shows. Since it started over 2 years age there have been over 20 shows staged from Plymouth to London involving over 40 artists.  With 4 shows in 2023 and a CD out called ‘RIP IT UP - BURN IT - THROW IT AWAY - FUCK IT AND PAY NO MORE THAN 50P’. (Released as limited edition 100 signed copies sold out)

WonderZoo did a year of monthly zine making workshops in collaboration with Omnium Radio,Oasis Project and the National Lottery Community Fund between 2023 and 2024 with artists facilitators Jenny Eden and Wallis Eates. 

This Zine compiles the fantastic work made during the workshops by those who attended. (Released as limited edition

Maybe We Can Meet When This Shit Is Over: Free PDF Download

Maybe we can meet when this shit is over

Start Meeting: Free PDF Download

Start meeting - WonderZoo anthology Augu
WonderZoo - We Cater For Deep Freezers_0

We Cater For Deep Freezers: Free PDF Download

Make War Not Art: Free PDF Download

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Lexical Debauchery: Free PDF Download


Paper Zine - February 2020


WonderZoo Issue 1: Free PDF Download

Matt Gilbert - Unfinished Works, published by Society of Young Publishers, supported by Teenage Cancer Trust and WonderZoo. 

ISBN: 978-1-5272-3442-0

WonderZoo Issue 2: Free PDF Download

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