Celebrate Respect - History Project 

We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 years of National Lottery Heritage Funding to archive the Plymouth Respect Festival since 1998, supported by the Respect Festival, Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council and The Box Museum and Art Gallery. 

We have started this project in February 2022, and it will end in January 2024. 

We will be collecting oral histories from Respect Festival organisers, participants and audiences, as well as collecting artefacts, films and photos. 

The final project will be housed at The Box, Plymouth. 

If you'd like to get involved, contact wonderzooarts@gmail.com, or 07799388953. 

Check out our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateRespect

respect guildhall.jpg

What is the project about? 


The Respect Festival is a well-known festival that has taken place almost every year in Plymouth since 1998.


It was founded by Ann Wilkinson and her friend Dan Thompson in 1998, with support from the Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council (PDREC) and other organisations.


The history project is called Celebrate Respect - It aims to showcase the importance of the festival to Plymouth, and its cultural and community impact. 

The project will research the development of the festival from its inception to present day.


The team at WonderZoo will create an archive of 100 oral history recordings, transcriptions, photographs, film footage, and other artefacts, to be stored at The Box Museum and Art Gallery, to be kept for posterity.


The archive will ensure that all the hard work, ambition and passion involved in creating the Respect Festival will never be forgotten, so that people will always know about the diversity and unity of individuals and organisations in Plymouth who have taken part in it.