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Peace Event 


4.30pm Drum Abundance (drumming band)

5:00pm: Nomadic Funk Temple (Music )

5.30pm Jason Vegas Butler (spoken word)

5.35pm The Julian Isaacs Band

6.00pm Strange Billy (Music)

6.20pm Claire Duthie Leads into Friends of the Apocalypse (theatre)

6.35pm Nomadic Funk Temple (Music))

6:55pm: Sam Blackledge (poet)

7:00pm: Geoff Blake-Lobb (music)

7:10 pm: Aston Icely (music)

7:30pm: Ems Coombes (comedy)

7:45pm: Harula Ladd (poet) Jen Wallis poet /Mary Holly (poet)/ Kathy Wray (poet)

8:00pm: Jonathan and friends (music)

8:10pm: Robin Marzipan (comedy)

8:15pm: Phil Smith (writer)

8:20pm: Echo Chamber (music)

8:50pm: Ceri Baker (poet)

9:00pm: Michelle Dilling and Simon Hodgkiss (music)

9:20pm: Lee Squires / Delia Pring /Stefan Daniel (poets)

9.30pm: The Ornaments (music)

10:00pm – Kill the Gun (music)

10:30 - End


Our MC on the day include 

   MC Queen Chi
   MC Ceri Baker   
   MC Stefan Daniel                                                                                                        
Poster by Artist Azza Gasim


Peace Event


WonderZoo Peace Event and giving page for The British Red Cross Society Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Its time for the community of home town Plymouth to come together in solidarity to raise money for the Ukraine refugees.


The event will include up to 30 performances of music,spoken word, comedy,dance alongside stalls and food.


Supported by Nudge Community Builders, Stonehouse Action, Street Factory, Omnium Radio and Pride in Plymouth


Union Corner, PL1 3EZ
Saturday 26th March 2022
4pm - 10:30pm Free Entry 

This is our Just Giving page for our Peace event.

All money raised goes directly to the British Red Cross Society.

Our target is £500, any more would be great folks.

The total number of Ukrainian refugees now stands at 2 million and is increasing each day.

The show will be broadcasted on Omnium Radio and filmed by filmmaker Drew Graves from The Hundred Hands film projects.





Peace Event Review by Chi Bennett:

I had a really great time at the Peace Event on Saturday. Thank you to Slain for coming up with the idea of bring the community together in solidarity to raise money for the British Red Cross who are supporting Ukrainian refugees. We made £805!

It was a lovely day, bringing fun, laughter and art to diverse communities at a time of high anxiety. The poster for the event was designed by local artist Azza Gasim who is based at The Plot on Union Street.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered:

Matt Powell, Jenny Eden, Kevin Rowley, Trace Jared-Davis and Omnium Radio crew, Stefan Daniel, Ceri Baker, John Michael Spurling, Calvin Bedford, Cornelia Agapescu, Amie Rapson.

Thanks to all the stall holders, performers, audience.

Thank you to all the organisations who supported:

Nudge Community Builders, Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council, Pride in Plymouth Online Community, Union Corner - Stonehouse Action, Oasis Project, home of The Plymouth Foodbank, Omnium Radio, William Telford from Plymouth Evening Herald.

Around 400 people came in and out during the event and we had some wonderful feedback:

“Was really special! We’ve never really felt so laid back in a public space. It really felt like the community owned and ran the place - such a rare thing in modern cities! Excited for more :)” – Nomadic Funk Temple

“Absolutely Fabulous Chi Bennett & Slain M Davey you guys have put the heart back into your community. As we align ourselves with others who have the same heart, we manifest magic” – Purdy Giles

“It was one of the most beautiful evenings I've ever experienced!” – Mary

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