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October 2022

Vinyl Lounge #22. We had a lovely treat with Caroline Merricks’s lovely therapy dog and another fab and beatiufuly evening of bringing folks together for socialising and classic vinyl albums and vegan soup. These events are Supported by Nudge Community Builders

Saturday 1st WonderZoos own Chi Talking about our Celebrate Respect History Project at Earth Cafe, on Union Corner. Chi talked for about half hour about the Celebrate Respect History Project and the diverse historical of Plymouth, including Jack Leslie, Ann Wilkinson and father and son politicians Bill and Claude Miller and how WonderZoo is helping to shape and change the landscape for history and arts from a grass roots perspective.


WonderZoo own Slain McGough Davey now runs a fortnightly 1 hour radio show on Monday Mornings. This is done live on the Dimensions In Sound radio show with Kai Shane Kuiama on Omnium Radio. They are very special edition 1 hour shows playing 7 inch vinyl records from his own personal collection.

The Celebrate Respect - History Project now run monthly history group called Memory Exchange at the Oasis Project in Stonehouse. Over the next year, we will have further talks, presentations on various subjects which will include swimming, suffrage movement, hidden spaces, medieval times, black history and more on the history of the respect festival.This lead to a Pop up Exhibition in November at RAAY Art Space, showcasing the Celebrate Project and a film made for the Respect Festival on VHS from 2000


WonderZoo Film are now running monthly film nights funded by The National Lottery and you can also get hot drinks and vegan soup.

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WonderZoo at the The Clay Factory near Ivybridge, a 20 minute walk from Ivybridge train station. It’s a disused clay factory to that has been turned into a shared working space and arts venue super fab space. Some local people had created a week long festival called Dartmoor Edge Literary Fest, which included writing workshops, performances and children’s activities. We were invited to come along and do some performance and creative workshop with the kids, inside one of the shopping containers that’s in the building. It was a cosy space and very fun day out for WonderZoo.

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