Storyteller Pilot Festival to be staged in June 2022 with funding from Plymouth Octopus Project (POP)



WonderZoo are proud to announce that they have won £5K funding from Plymouth Octopus Project!

The funding will be used to create their second pilot festival called Storyteller, with a research project to assess whether a large-scale future festival will be feasible in Plymouth.

They would like to say a big “Thank you” to POP for supporting their vision last year, this year and going forward, as well as to Nudge Community Builders, Stonehouse Action and Literature Works for their continuous support.

This pilot festival will take place over 1st-5th June (during half-term holiday) across 6 small intimate venues in Stonehouse. Save these dates in your diary!


There will be 11 events over 5 days, with local groups. This is the Timetable, exact details to follow:

 1. Wednesday Afternoon – Art and Energy – shadow puppet workshop, storytelling around climate emergency, led by Jenny Ayrton at Union Corner.

 2. Wednesday Evening – Tears & Laughter – ticketed play at Cawfee, including a meal. ‘The Faeries Bazaar’ music and storytelling, and another theatre group TBC.

 3. Thursday Afternoon - Hope in the Heart Workshop – Inspiring change through compassionate connection and storytelling, led by Tam Martin Fowles at Union Corner.

 4. Thursday Evening - WonderZoo – performance gig (spoken word, theatre, comedy and music). Catering by Purdy's Punjabi Cuisine - Union Corner.

 5. Friday Afternoon – Jawbone Press – Writing Workshop with former Bard of Dorchester, Peter Roe, at The Clipper.

 6. Friday Evening - A Press of Suspects Presents – Comedy evening at the Lord High Admiral Pub.

 7. Saturday Afternoon - Fotonow (CIC) – Photography workshop at The Clipper.

 8. Saturday Evening - Diversity Business Incubator – African food, music and poetry at The Plot.

 9. Sunday Afternoon  – Radio Workshop with Trace Jared-Davis from Omnium Radio at Union Corner.

 10. Sunday Evening - IMPERFECT CINEMA – interactive history walk of the former cinemas of Stonehouse, followed by a film screening.

 11. RAAY (Royal Adelaide Art and Yoga) – Wednesday to Sunday - film and photography exhibition, showcasing the work of a local film-maker, Alusché Latuka.

All events will be free to attend except the ticketed meal and play at Cawfee. The full program of events and tickets will be released on the website in mid-March. Contact / 07799388953.